Student Work

UX, UI, Product


Soon, technology companies will have AI capabilities extended to include Alzheimer's patients. To take advantage of that capability, "emma" is a system of artificial intelligence products designed to bring more independence and dignity to those suffering from Alzheimer's. Emma utilizes augmented reality, big data and user generated data. In doing so, she not only helps the patient but also helps ameliorate the social stigmas associated with dementia. Patients, in partnership with emma and Google will soon share in the promise of artificial intelligence as part of an emerging new category of lifestyle brand.

Sponsored by Google for ArtCenter College of Design
Team Members: Angela Dong, Devin Montes, Jenny Kim, Joshua Woo and Naomi Tirronen

 Current Logo vs Rebranded Logo

The app allows family members and doctors to keep track of the patient's medication, quiz memory and send micro gestures.